Aromatherapy is classed as a complementary therapy. This means you should continue to take any medication you have been prescribed by your doctor or physician.  All the information contained on this website is intended to be used for educational purposes only, whilst we have taken the greatest care in compiling information we cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated substances and should be treated with respect.

If you are treating a medical condition and symptoms persist then we urge you to seek proffessional medical advice.

Mixing & Measuring

Generally speaking approximately 20 drops of essential oil is equal to one Millilitre (ml). This varies somewhat with temperature and viscosity of the oil, more viscous oils can yield 16 drops per ml. Normal concentrations for aromatherapy we reccomend 2 drops of each oil for 5ml of carrier (2%) We suggest a maximum of 5-6% concentration of essential oil to carrier for aromatherapy use although this can be varied depending upon application. Therefore 5ml of carrier should have no more than a total of 6 drops of essential oil.

Mixing is best done in a shallow glass dish or bowl making it easy to apply. If using essential oils in a bath then you should not exceed 10 drops in total.

Our essential oils are 100% pure and undiluted, a little goes a long way !

Shelf Life

 To achieve the best shelf life for your essential oil it should be stored in a cool, dark place with it’s cap in place. We recommend a shelf life of 2 years for citrus oils and up to 4 years for others. However, essential oils are a natural product and each will vary. (There have been examples of Rose Otto and Frankincense still being useable having been in Egyptian tombs for considerably longer !)


Pregnancy, Epilepsy and Heart Conditions

Some essential oils should be avoided throughout pregnancy including:-

and these essential oils are best avoided during the first four months of pregnancy:-

Other essential oils should be used in half the quantity or less during pregnancy or as guided by the qualified aromatherapist.


The following essential oils are phototoxic and you should avoid going into the sun, or on a sunbed, for at least 12 hours after using them:-

If you need advice about essential ols and their uses please contact us via our email

Alternatively we can reccomend "Oils and Plants", an independent web site that has a wealth of excellent information and data about essential oils and their uses. Another excellent source of information is Aromaweb.