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Calmer Solutions Isopropyl Alcohol

sopropyl Alcohol has multiple uses but in the field of aromatherapy it is more often used as a cleaning agent, evaporates quickly and leaves surfaces squeaky clean. Price shown is for a 100ml bottle, other sizes and further details available by clicking either the picture or product name.

Product information
The Kidderminster College Aromatherapy kit includes the following;

Pure Essential Oils
Begamot FCF (White) 10ml
Chamomile Tomane 10ml
Frankincense (Olibanum) 10ml
Geranium 10ml
Lavender 10ml
Lemon (Finest) 10ml
Tea Tree 10ml
Tlang Ylang III 10ml
Benzoin Siam 10ml
Black Pepper 10ml

Carrier Oils
Almond Sweet 250ml
Avocado 100ml
Grapeseed 250ml
Wheatgerm 100ml

Wooden 30 compartment oil storage box
50ml Measure 2ml graduated glass cylinder
100ml mixing beaker
Glass stirring rod


Isopropyl Alcohol has multiple uses but in the field of aromatherapy it is more often used as a cleaning agent, evaporates quickly and leaves surfaces squeaky clean.

Warning - This product is flammable, keep away from sources of ignition.

Some general uses are;
  • Removing sticky labels and glue
  • A disinfectant for food preparation surfaces, table tops, counters, bars and other hard surfaces
  • Antiseptic and antibacterial agent
  • A general cleaner, oils, dirt, food stains etc.
  • A specialist cleaner - for computer equipment, electronic devices, contact pins, floppy disk drive heads, lenses of LASERS on optical disc drives (DVD CD), removes thermal paste of CPU's.
  • Cleans printer heads including Thermal Transfer.
  • A sterilizer - For sterilizing hands when preparing food or for medical personnel working in surgeries, clinics, First Aid rooms, Nursing Homes, Hospitals etc. Sterilizing utensils, equipment etc, eg acupuncturists needles, hairdressers combs etc.
  • An anti-foamer and foam inhibitor.
  • Can be mixed with fragrances to make air fresheners and deodorants.
  • Can be used as a deodoriser for spraying into shoes to eliminate odours.
  • A solvent for diluting lacquers, PVC adhesives, dyes and printing inks.
  • A graffiti remover for removing inks, markers, lipstick etc.
  • A deicer for locks and windscreens.
  • Add to windscreen washer reservoir for a spotless windscreen every time.
  • A fuel additive for dissolving water or ice in fuel lines.
  • Cosmetics - hand lotions, deodorants, aftershaves
Isopropyl alcohol is one of the active ingredients in many of the products used to disinfect hospital surfaces. It is on the Environmental Protection Agency's "List of Antimicrobial Products Effective Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Human HIV-1 and Hepatitis B Virus.

It is a helpful addition to any surface cleaner at home, and can kill bacteria, spores and viruses on those surfaces as well.

Isopropyl alcohol is often employed as an antiseptic, doctor use it to swab skin before injections to kill surface bacteria.

It is used to clean minor cuts and abrasions, and to kill any bacteria that might be in the area in order to prevent bacterial growth. It is also approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, as a surgical scrub and clinical hand sanitizer.
Full MSDS and COSSH sheets are available for this product

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Brand: Calmer Solutions Limited
Condition: New
Product Code: 5052211008585
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